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Rewire. Reparent. Create.

Madigan Kent



Coaching will actualize your potential  


Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

The Safe and Sound Protocol will build your physiological resilience


Home in a Handkerchief Program tm

Home in a Handkerchief Sessions will prepare you for change



Therapy will educate, heal and begin to rewire

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I work in the cross-section of behavioral psychology, somatic neuroscience, developmental attachment, and creative generativity.  You don't need all the answers to find peace, purpose and drive.  But you do need physiological organization and the ability to dialogue with yourself. I help build your tool box, clarify your gifts, and be your avid partner while you create.

About me

I'm inventive and am at my best coaching and mentoring.  I don't teach anything I haven't done myself. The clients I help tend to be driven to grow, wrestling with intergenerational patterns of trauma, and dysregulated nervous systems. I'm an active artist, married to a neuro-diverse genius, and have three kids with artistics and neurodiverse gifts who respond to patience and presence.

Working with Madigan has been simply life-changing!

Alyssa H. Age 32

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