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I'm glad you are here. My name is Madigan Kent and I'm a psychotherapist, somatic healer, life coach and artist. I'm located in Chapel Hill, NC but work remotely around the world. My psychotherapy practice is virtual and is exclusive to clients in North Carolina and Illinois. For all other practices such as Somatic Experiencing, SSP and Coaching I am Certified to practice internationally.  My passion is a mix of healing and art.  I have a background in Political Science from Columbia University, and travelled extensively before becoming an LCSW. Living in NYC during 9/11 prompted my initiation in somatic therapy and trauma resolution. My understanding broadened into many of the underlying causes of chronic emotional and physiological distress. And then into working with couples and parents to create pathways for connection and bonding. Drawing and painting bring me joy as does helping others find their purpose. Be well and I look forward to meeting you!  

My website it partially under construction so I apologize! 

- Family heirloom, Unknown Artist

Contact Info

Madigan Kent, LCSW, SEP, SSP, EFT, & CLC

Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Tel: 872-225-2150

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