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Pen & ink drawing of person listening to headphones by Madigan Kent
Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) & Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Practitioner

I'm dedicated to helping you recover from trauma through targeted listening therapy. Here's an overview of the services I offer:

Somatic Experiencing & Safe and Sound Protocol
  • Remote Therapy: Utilizing Unyte-iLS software to provide trauma recovery therapy from anywhere in the world.

  • Program Structure: The SSP program is five hours long, divided into multiple sessions to ensure proper somatic processing and integration.

  • For Couples: I offer SSP to couples, opening ventral-vagal pathways for enhanced connection.

The Power of Secure Attachment
  • Secure Attachment: SSP can bring secure attachment to the nervous system, sometimes for the first time in a person's life.

  • Safe Attachment Figures: A safe attachment figure is essential during listening for the successful development of secure pathways.

  • Relational Experience: The therapy simulates the early days of life when nervous systems develop, awakening pathways that may have been unavailable for a lifetime.

Your Journey to Healing

SSP therapy is more than just listening; it's a profound relational experience that allows incredible transformations. Whether you're seeking individual therapy or looking to strengthen your connection as a couple, my approach offers a unique way to achieve mental and emotional well-being.

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Contact Info

I am a LCSW in North Carolina and Illinois, USA and a global Certified SEP Practitioner, SSP Practitioner and Life Coach. I am available for consultation and sessions virtually. Please feel free to reach out and see if I'm a good fit for your needs. 

Chapel Hill, NC


Tel: 872-225-2150

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