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Coaching is the next step in personal development for those who have stabilized and managed their mental health and seek to enrich their lives with purpose and meaning. My approach to coaching draws from my psychotherapeutic background, focusing on unveiling and nurturing the unique light within each individual.


I use specialized techniques such as the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and other somatic approaches alongside traditional coaching methods. These modalities work in harmony to connect to the deeper layers of your nervous system, establish coherence, and facilitate profound transformation.

Everyone has an innermost self that carries vital messages and wisdom. We navigate the challenges and embrace the opportunities ahead by tuning into this voice, integrating psychoacoustic interventions, and employing a personalized roadmap. This holistic process leads to a deeper connection with oneself, a clearer sense of purpose, and a more fulfilling life.


What sets my coaching approach apart is the freedom from geographic constraints and insurance limitations, allowing me to offer this unique blend of services to a broader audience. I combine everything I know into this work, integrating my therapeutic experience with coaching techniques to provide a tailored approach. Whether you want to achieve specific goals, uncover your passion, find balance and satisfaction, or unlock new potential with SSP, I can help to guide you.

Illustration of woman playing piano by Madigan Kent
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