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Home in a Handkerchief

Imagine your going somewhere new - a hospital, a post breakup apartment, or are dropping your kids at their grandparents unexpectedly. Suddenly, you are away from the objects that make up your life. And at a moment of uncertainty, possibly fear. What you need is HOME.  


You need your home to come with you - wherever you go. What if you prepared for this ahead of time? What if you prepared one for someone you loved? Imagine this fitting in the palm of your hand. The first thing you do after dropping your bags is unfurling this home, a simple bright handkerchief laid out under a lamp, brimming with color and texture to brighten the unfamiliar room. Imagine inside is an old friend (or soon to be), made especially for you. Familiar objects - books, a bowl of popcorn. A lamp to warm you. Written words you need to hear at a time like this. At night, the bed is set and the lamp is on to help you rest.


You are HOME.  This is what you need wherever you go. And I want to help you make one. ​​ 

Rocking horse with bear toy, pouf and wicker basket near white wall in child room, space f
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