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Well Hello 2021'ers!

I would put an inspiring hand-drawn piece of art above, but I just cleaned up 87 dishes and have a lawless toddler afoot, so here's an inspirational mountain. It symbolizes the mountain we still have to climb this Winter/Spring. I wasn't in the mood for celebrating New Years Eve because I wasn't feeling celebratory. But I also didn't want to hide under a blanket (forever), so what's in-between?

When it's not close to being the "best year!" ever, what do you put on your vision board? I have no idea, but thoughts that come to mind are things like keeping everyone "as good" as possible, and treading water patiently until this is all over. I'm not sure what that looks like as a vision-board? A woman standing on a revolving airport walkway for a year helping her kids not fall behind, but also not having a flight to catch? I didn't find the images I needed from Conde Naste Traveler so I will have to draw my own.


Yes! Awesome contribution

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