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Sillypants Fans FYI

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Hi Everyone! I'm excited to announce that my latest Sillypants book What Would You Rather Do? is in stores now on and The Sillypants books are aimed at trauma-proofing kids against pandemic life through humor and language. When the pandemic wanes, we need to help our kids put the story together about what happened to them, what went missing, what was hurt and what was lost. What Would You Rather Do? is about families remembering together and articulating the specific adaptations that our kids and their families made to stay well and connected in Covid times. It's not serious - it's silly - and it won't scare your kids. But it's one way to help kids process their experiences with the pandemic and in so doing help them move on. Anyways, who doesn't love a good game of Would You Rather?

Cover image of "What Would You Rather Do?" by Madigan Kent, showing a woman sitting on a couch holding a telephone

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