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The First Step to Enhancing Creativity

The first step to enhancing your creative ability is not seeking inspiration. First you need to get your creative neuropathways firing and woken up. That's because if your neuropathways are asleep, inactive and dormant, they won't do their job of sensing inspiration in your environment. You may pass by many inspiring things and ripe opportunities, but you won't sense them as anything special in the fabric of everyday life. The way to start sensing - i.e. identifying and recogizing - opportunities is having all of your sensing, processing, and intuitive neuropathways mylenated (lubricated) and firing so they can deliver messages from your environment into your physiology and then organize them into coherent and inspired ideas.

Creativity or Creative Coaching as I work is to activate your creative physiology, learn its language and encourage it to pipe up and confidently start delivering what it has to offer. In this early process, your job is to MAKE SPACE from busy work, sit back and relax. At first.

Then, when the ideas arrive, you RESPOND. Yep, as James Clear, habits and motivation expert, says "Work hard at what's easy". When you are finally gifted with an idea or inspiration, you work hard at executing that vision. I coach clients with setting goals, overcoming imposter syndrome, learning how to learn daunting but neccessary applicable skills, maintaining motivation, using agile principles to keep honing, and to complete a project start to finish.

95% of product ideas fail (outward success), but the aggregation of the skills learned during the project birth, development, and completion cycle is the powerhouse that will take you to your goal eventually if you keep creating. Vincent Van Gogh is known to have sold only one painting in his lifetime. Imagine if he skipped any of the steps outlined above. Or if he didn't have the unwavering support of one believer in his work - his brother Theo. There would be no Starry Night.

I'm making space in my practice for clients like you (just guessing if your reading this), and because creators are regular people with regular jobs and paychecks, I make it flexible and efficient so you can make more with less. If you'd like to run an idea by me or are feeling stuck and want a physiological tune up to be inspired, give me a call. I'm eager to meet you!

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