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I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in nervous system regulation and relationship/attachment issues. My lense combines Internal Family Systems (IFS) and nervous system functioning with the purpose of restoring parts integration and physiological regulation. Supporting individuals through the life cycle and through significant life changes is under-girded by my belief that we are seeking greater wholeness and goodness. Another exciting theme of people I work with is growing individually within a committed relationship or other systems such as in the workplace and in family systems. I believe we can grow and change without letting go of the relationships that matter, with support and room to experiment. I also believe in introducing and reinforcing a new foundation - one offering safety and equilibrium - right beside the trauma vortex that sucks us in. This way, we are building support while also changing management strategies like numbing, codependency, control, dissociation, chronic physical complaints, projection, reactivity and shame. When we experience achieve greater nervous system regulation we feel better and have more capacity, allowing us to navigate around the vortex and meet life actively. 

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