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Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) – Nervous System Regulation & Relationship/Attachment Expert

My Specialization
  • Nervous System Regulation: Focusing on restoring parts integration and physiological regulation.

  • Relationship & Attachment Issues: Supporting individual growth within committed relationships, workplaces, and family systems.


My Approach
  • Combining Internal Family Systems (IFS) & Nervous System Functioning: This combination provides a holistic lens for comprehensive healing.

  • Support Through Life Changes: Guiding individuals through the life cycle and significant life transitions, emphasizing wholeness and goodness.

  • Growth in Relationships & Systems: Belief in growing and changing without letting go of essential relationships, with room for support and experimentation.


Building a New Foundation
  • Safety & Equilibrium: Introducing and reinforcing a stable base to counteract the trauma vortex.

  • Changing Management Strategies: Working to transform behaviors like numbing, codependency, control, dissociation, chronic physical complaints, projection, reactivity, and shame.

  • Achieving Nervous System Regulation: Creating a pathway to feel better and increase capacity, enabling active navigation around life's challenges.

Your Path to Healing

I am dedicated to supporting your journey to greater well-being. My tailored approach integrates your emotional and physiological needs, believing we can grow and change within the relationships that matter most. Together, we can build support and embrace life actively.

Illustration of dog and person  by Madigan Kent
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