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Hollow Geometric Shapes

Somatic Therapy

"How can you get very far,

If you don't know who you are?

How can you do what you ought,

If you don't know what you've got?

And if you don't know which to do

Of all the things in front of you,

Then what you'll have when you are through

Is just a mess without a clue

Of all the best that can come true

If you know What and Which and Who" - The Tao of Poo

Somatic Resiliency Therapy

Therapy can do many different things for people. I specialize in helping people who are gifted with bright inner lights that can help in the world, but whose physiology is so dysregulated it can be so draining they can't access their gifts consistently.


I help these clients:

Regulate their nervous systems and access the states of rest and digest more frequently and without trying

Resolve underlying trauma and orient to present safety

Reconnect with disconnected, disowned, and undiscovered parts of self

Develop boundary awareness and assertiveness abilities


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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