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"Humans are pack animals. We are drawn to conform. But invention is an act of non-conformity and it needs incubation and support to evolve and sprout." - Me


My Coaching Offer to You

My work is to execute your gifts and goals successfully. In our Coaching work together, we will build and assemble a tool box for your life purpose. This process will take about 3-6 months of regular virtual or in-person meetings and will include the following:

Using psychoactive listening technologies for stimulating dormant neuropathways, emotional regulation, & creativity activation

Getting to know your inner parts and responding to polarizations and internal blocks

Learning to spitball and develop a creativity dialogue with yourself

Learn how to "learn as an adult" and develop your concrete skills

Establish concrete habits to further your vision

"Quit-proof" yourself with learning and practicing tolerance for dissappointment, frustration, failure, boredom, and creativity fatigue

Learn the stories of successful creators and their secrets

And finally, reframe individual creative enterprises as building blocks rather than the end game. Every-time you create and complete something - whether it is an overnight success or not - those gains in learning position you for greater mastery the next time. We will practice a mentality of accumulation to build your self-confidence and persistence.




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