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About Me

As a younger person my background was in fine art and political affairs. I attended painting school in France before attending Columbia University and the London School of Economics. I worked briefly for CNN and NBC before pivoting to receiving and eventually studying therapy and nervous system regulation. 

After fifteen years of working in the field of psychotherapy and developing a comprehensive process for understanding and healing disorganized physiology in my clients, I expanded into coaching and the work of expanding clients into their full creative potential. 

I've also returned to my first love of fine art and an interest in storytelling and therapeutic product development. I dipped my toes in by becoming a hobbyist childrens book writer and publisher during the pandemic with Sillypants Goes to Remote School and No Pants. Now I'm in the midst of developing a new product Home in a Handkerchief designed to create a safe physical space quickly and easily for people displaced from their homes and familiar surroundings. I am working on holding Home in a Handkerchief building sessions for individuals in transition which would provide brief intervention through art and building a personalized HIAH as a power object for upcoming transitions. 

Finally, I'm a mother of three - ages 12, 10, and 6 - and married to another creator who has taught me many things about how to be a constant learner and be corageous and in pursuing new pastures.

  • Finding life purpose

  • Pursuing that purpose

  • Saying NO

  • Saying YES

  • Building confidence

  • Learning to fail

  • Keep trying

  • Daily habits for lifelong vitality

  • Increased physiological regulation

  • Awakening dormant abilities

  • Teamwork with your internal parts

  • Making room for something new

  • Clearing away what isn't yours

Abstract Straight Lines
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