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The Slightly Condensed Comforts of Home


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When a therapy client of mine unexpectedly lost her home and didn't know where she would stay that night, I wanted to reach through the phone and hand her a home. To let her know she wasn't alone, I began building her a tiny home filled with colors, textures, and objects of home for whatever nightstand she laid her head next. By looking at the tiny home under the glow of a warm light, she might be able to relax and spend less time in a fight, flight, or freeze trauma response. The idea is based in the neuroscience of safety. The more we can find something familiar in unfamiliar circumstances the less afraid we feel, and the more strength we have to ride out the storm. 


The process is simple:

1. Find a temporary place to place and organize your Home in a Handkerchief

2. Make sure your Hanki is cozy and well cared for

2. Look, feel, touch, and hold the objects and remember someone who cares sends you strength in these tiny belongings

3. Add power objects that travel with you and don't rely on the changing winds of where you sleep 

4. And when you go, pack it up in your pouch and set it up as soon as you arrive at your next destination.

When our son was hospitalized over ten times in his first year of life, I wish I had something to look at and feel in those cold hospital rooms. I hope this helps you and your family. 


Madigan & Belle Kent

Home in a Handkerchief





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