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News Flash. . .Your Life is NOT back to normal

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

T-Shirt with image of dancing person and caption "Party Like It's 2023" by Madigan Kent

I have a shirt on my Etsy shop that reads "Party Like it's 2022", but I need to change it to read more like "Party Like it's. . .TBD."

I've noticed two recent trends in my therapy practice. The first is that clients are feeling abnormal for feeling lonely and isolated this far into the pandemic. The second is that clients with partners are watching them drift into the dark side of internet worm holes and conspiracy theories, online gaming, betting, social media, you name it. From my vantage point, these trends are related. The social outlets for fun and spontaneity are not present in our lives at this point in the pandemic, while other footholds function as normal (such as school, errands, planned gatherings, and outdoorsmanship). It leads to an uncanny valley of daily life, where it looks normal on the surface but something deeply human is missing. I think that missing ingredient is fun, sillyness, spontaneity, pushing social boundaries, acting a little crazy, and discharging that pent up energy that we build up from work and chores. Cutting to the chase, all work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy. The solution? I don't think it's time to start dancing publically quite yet. It's kinda offensive to have fun in the face of people who continue to suffer from this pandemic. But what if we just recognize the abnormality that persists so we don't feel so dang ashamed for being bored and isolated? And maybe we make a conscious effort to find spontaneity privately, or with close friends who we know won't be offended by a bad joke or ridiculous behavior. Awkwardness, boundary pushing, and sheepish apologies are part of what make the world turn, and are the foundation of titilating conversation. Hopefully next year, we get our shits and giggles from the real world and give the internet a break. In the meantime, did you see what Mira and Jonathan did in episode 5 of Scenes from a Marriage...OMG!

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